Monday, August 15, 2016


So much had happened since 2015. Discovered a new passion in life, holding it until now. 

I have always thought that I would die fat. Being fit and muscular has never been in my mind as long as I have lived. Looking at the dedication of those who go through to get those results have always irked me but now it is what I do everyday in and out.

 It started back in the end of September where I started my weight loss journey as well as a self discovery of who I am today. At first I believed that just by exercise I could just eat anything as I want (maintaining my normal diet). That went on until the end of December. I did lose weight but it was just merely 3KGs or so. Btw, I started out at 104KG. There I decided that my diet has to be changed. I made slight changes from time to time, making the diet a sound one where it can be a lifestyle, not something which makes you suffer and depressed throughout your whole diet. My diet started in 2016, a fresh start. I lost a lot in the first month and that is where I know I was finally doing something with my obesity which I have been fighting since I was a young lad. There were moments where I hit a plateau and results were not showing. I learned to make changes when things suddenly go to a stationery. Fast forward to today, I have lost a total of 22KGs weighing at 82KGs now. Fitness has never played such a big role in my life till I have discovered it this year. 

I'm glad that I have very supportive friends who are there to give morale support to me. I have a dear friend which embarked on this journey with me. He started at 120+ KGs and now he is weighing at 92KGs. We're both alike and have never thought of being fit in our lives before but now we have been reborn. Grinding hard everyday in and out, sticking to a proper nutritional diet and hoping that one day we will achieve a physique.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Coming back here it just seems like a visit back to the past and seeing how things past by so fast in a blink of an eye. I get to see what I was facing from one period of time in my life to another. Its just like a train of thoughts but as life always have something else planned for us or we might even choose to take on a different path at the crossroads of this rail.

Coming to this age, I've been more observant of the surroundings of how people's personalities are. Somehow, somethings just does not change as how a leopard never changes its stripes. 

To me, memories can never be forgotten. It is just like a stash of things which you hold on for let it be sweet or bitter moments. It is all stashed inside a treasure trove but such things gets overwhelmed by new found experiences that we face everyday in life and old memories just get buried deeper and deeper until one day the bitter memories might just be a fleeting memory and it will not affect us in a way which it had in the past and shapes us for who we are today standing proud with our chests outwards.

I kinda like my degree life because of my new found classmates. Compared to my diploma classmates they are much more friendlier. It is kinda sad because I wont be seeing them for the next 7 months because all of us have to go on our separate ways to complete our internship. However, we still have a year for us to rejoice and do many more crazy stuffs. 

In two years, I will be in my next phase of life and I wonder how will it fare out. Scary thoughts on uncharted waters.

Monday, September 1, 2014


It have been six months ever since. Thinking back, reminiscing how things were back then and to where I am now. Much have changed ever since and much have I learned throughout this never ending journey where all of us are on now, a journey called life. I experienced many things in this six months.

First of all, I made more new friends from my college. I had been in this college for two years already but I did not really make any female friends but somehow I manage to make a few in this short period of time. It all happened because my best friend in college had a crush on a girl (Which is not officially his girl). That girl had a group of friends. Oh they were my diploma classmates in the old days. So yeah we did a few stupid stuffs just to catch their attention such as writing stupid invitation on a big piece of paper and displaying it directly towards them while we were studying in two separate discussion rooms but we were just side by side with one another and there was a transparent glass separating the two rooms so we just put the paper on the glass when they were looking at us.

Second, I did my very first marathon in my life. It was the color run. Many times I told myself that I needed to practice before the event but I never practiced at all. SOMEHOW I manage to finish the 5KM run, in a pretty good time too for a beginner i reckon! I reached the finish line below an hour! It was a  great experience.

Three, traveled to quite a number of places in Malaysia. First was Penang where I spent 3 days and 2 night with my friends which I met from an online game. Second, Ipoh and finally Malacca. So whats the reason behind all of this? We Malaysians are known for our extraordinary enthusiasm towards finding food where we would go all the way of an extra mile just to quench our taste buds on those particular famous local delicacies, thats right! All of those places that we went, it was in in the name of food! Live to eat not eat to live!

Four, I experienced my very first waterfall experience. The waterfall I went to is known as the Rainbow Waterfall back in a small place near my hometown called Sungai Lembing. I was unlucky that when we went, the rainbow did not show up. Nonetheless, it was an experienced to be remembered and savored! 

Five, I took up French for my elective subject. Ehem... Je m'apelle John Koe. J'ai vingt-et une ans. J'adore manger. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?  AHAHAHAH kidding on the last one.

Six, I experienced my very first philharmonic orchestra with one of my favorite musics performed by Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy. It was like a dream come true to listen the beautiful sounds of games being brought to life right in front of me with an ensemble of various musical instruments. Final Fantasy music has been the sole reason that I have picked up music. 

Seven, I learned how to play a bit of the piano with the help of a wonderful friend which have is going off to UK soon. I learned how to play the early bits of Canon in D with both left and right hands! He taught me how to read the musical scores as well. 

Eight, I am going to a very first trip with my college friends soon. Notably seven days from now. Going to Penang again with em college friends! 

Nine, This is a bad experience that I wish never to experience again. Had my very first hangover with my drinking buddy which was my housemate who is now working. He comes by every semester for a drinking session with me. The feeling of hangover is horrible. The feeling was like you wanna vomit so badly but you just can't seem to do it and all you wanna do is just to lie down on the bed whole day. No more drinking two different liquors in one day. Midori and Famous Groose. Bad idea. No no.

That pretty much a summary of my life in a nutshell. The experiences that I have accumulated for the past six months. It was a good one. When you fall, never lose your will to stand up once again because you will discover many wonderful things once you stand back up on your two feet. Carpe Diem